Balloon Animals


As a balloon twister, Matt Stevens will amaze your guests with his amazing balloon creations! This is “Pop Art” at its finest! From dogs and cats to hats and bracelets, Matt can make something for everyone. Matt has over 400 impressive balloon designs that will add the fun and festive flair you want at your next event.

These are not the typical balloons taught in library books. Nearly ALL of Matt’s balloon creations use multiple balloons. If you are looking for a great interactive entertainment option for your event, Matt’s balloon creations should be your only choice!

As a balloon twister, Matt has two options for balloon animals. His large balloon kit holds more than 5,000 balloons in over thirty colors and various shapes and sizes allowing him to create characters, animals, hats, and more out of balloons! Matt also offers balloon animals as a strolling act with a special apron setup, allowing him to go from table to table or roam the grounds of your fair.

Balloon animals start at $150 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum on weekends.

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